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I would love for you to share your decorating project, ideas or ongoing project with my visitors!

Let's face it, whether you have completely re-vamped a house, decorated a room, or created something unique and are very proud of it you want to shout it out to the world!

You can share your ideas and decorating and give it a personal shout out directly from my website by submitting your project below! This will also open the doors for your global friends and family to admire and comment on your work.

When you submit your project or idea, it becomes your very own page on my website. You can update it, comment on visitors comments, etc.

How's that for a shout out!

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By submitting your project or idea it will give you the opportunity to explain the processes of your projects and receive comments from visitors and aspiring decorators from around the world.

There can never be too much inspiration, so by sharing your decorating and ideas with others it keeps the flood gates open and the creative wheels turning!

Have you figured out the perfect method for taping off a room before painting? Found any great places to shop for inexpensive home décor? An easy way to re-upholster furniture or a great decorating scheme you can't wait to share!?

Keep us updated and share your ideas and decorating goodness with everyone who is interested!

It's easy to share, easy to inspire so why not?! Share your creation(s) or idea(s) below...

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