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Decorate Now! E-zine™ is an enlightening resource dedicated to inspiring its readers to experience their creative, artistic side.

It's the ultimate source for the Do It Yourself Decorator whether it's for interior, exterior or textiles.

Cut through the fluffy stuff...

Decorate Now! E-zine™ delivers real decorating projects in process to inspire you to achieve the same remarkable results.

My special design and art projects deliver up-to-date information about current designs and trends that inform and educate.

Want to learn the secrets of top designers and how they keep you coming back for more of their designs?

Decorate-Now! E-zine ™ will show you how to:

  • Go Green! - Transform old stuff, that others would consider junk, into treasures
  • Produce designer look-alikes that no one can tell the difference
  • Reduce your decorating costs
  • Bring out your creative side
  • Be the first to know when I have added new decorating ideas

Are you an individual, wondering how to achieve the same results as top designers?

Regardless of your education and background you can transform old items into new, trendy designs without breaking the bank.

Decorate-Now! E-zine™ delivers the inside scoop enabling you to achieve impressive results that will have your friends asking where they can acquire your awesome designer items.

Want to know how to avoid breaking the bank?

Decorate NOW! will show you how to do this!

While most designers are trying hard to sell their products or services, Decorate Now! E-zine™ brings you fundamental tips and conventional wisdom on techniques that are straight to the point, yet very informative creating stunning results.

Start creating your own designs and learn how to keep your well-earned cash back in your pocket.

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