Quick Fixes For Home Remodeling Problems

by Kurlinahuj
(Astor, Florida, USA)

Some of your spring renovation projects will be time-consuming and expensive, but they don’t all have to be like that. Amy Matthews, designer for HGTV’s “Renovation Raiders” provided some advice on how to freshen your home this spring.

Repair first, remodel second

First of all, she said to make sure your home is in tiptop shape. You don’t want to spend time in the middle of your renovation project doing repair work, taking up precious money and time. She suggested you set aside 10% of your budget for contingency plans, no matter how large or small your budget may be. She also said to be aware of which projects should only be undertaken by professionals, such as roof and siding repairs and plumbing and wiring maintenance.

Re-stain your deck

Once you’ve got all your maintenance taken care of, you can get started on your various spring projects. A top project Matthews suggested was to stain your deck. Not only will this repair the worn places from ice and rain, a new stain can also improve its longevity. Power wash your surface first and fix any loose or broken boards. If you choose to change the color of your stain, you’ll need to sand down the whole deck before applying your new selection.

Remove creaks and wobbles

Matthews also had some suggestions for invisible but impactful projects. For instance, did you know baby powder can deaden those annoying squeaks and creaks in the joints of your home? Just brush it into the joints of your floor for a quick, cheap fix that doesn’t involve any heavy lifting. Another idea for making a room more comfortable is to take time to balance your fan. There’s nothing more irritating than a ceiling fan with a wobble.

Add visual interest

Does your living room feel a little bland? Don’t break the bank on new furnishings, just add a little color. Try introducing a new accent color with a lamp, a rug, and a couple throw pillows for the couch. Tired of all white walls? Choose just one wall to paint an accent color, even if it’s just a neutral brown. The new color can add visual interest and give your eyes something to focus on.

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Source: wsaw.com/news/headlines/Spruce-Up-Your-Home-with-DIY-Projects-256042921.html?ref=921

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Great Reminder For Maintaing Your Home...
by: Anastasia

Thank you for the informative article! Great to read, especially since we're in Spring cleaning mode! It is a great reminder that with the simple upkeep of your property in the long run it will make it much easier to maintain and repairs hopefully will not be too costly.

Happy Decorating!


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